Evolving digital identity

in a privacy-focused world. AdFixus is always anonymous, accurate and in your control.

Why AdFixus?

AdFixus offers a privacy-focused solution to help businesses own their data and give individuals control over their consent in the wake of the phasing out of third-party cookies.

Third-party cookies are becoming obsolete. The data source that the industry has been trading on is being disabled due to misuse, that eroded individuals’ privacy and consent of their data. This broad industry shift has resulted in businesses facing a multitude of challenges, including significant changes in the privacy regulation landscape, which has impacted their ability to understand their audiences, reach new audiences and accurately track conversions.

To counter this, many businesses have turned to Identity Solution Providers to replace third-party cookies, but these solutions often fail to reach the entire audience and rely on Personally Identifiable Information (PII), increasing the risk to individuals’ privacy.

At AdFixus, we prioritise privacy and offer a solution that empowers businesses to own the data themselves and to utilise data whilst meeting privacy requirements and giving consent control back to individuals. Our platform for individuals allows them to opt out using our consent solution, ensuring that privacy remains a top priority. For publishers, we reconnect you with your full addressable audiences, and for businesses with multiple brands we uniquely sync cross-domain traffic. Together, through our audience match room, we can sync all three solutions in a privacy-compliant way with industry-leading match rates.

It’s always anonymous, accurate and in your control.

Challenges we see

I can't track unauthenticated individuals across my domains

As businesses move away from third-party cookies, they have not been able to track usage across their multiple domains without compromising privacy.

I can't reach my customers without using third-party cookies

As browsers have restricted third-party cookies, brands have lost sight of their traffic, this can be as high as ~49% of their total traffic. 

I want to match individuals with an audience segment

To increase marketing effectiveness, some brands have entered data-sharing arrangements, leveraging data clean rooms.  These methods typically return a low match rate and increase privacy risks.

I want to ensure I meet privacy requirements

Data sharing, and matching technologies (e.g. data clean rooms) utilise hashing of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The use of PII increases the risk associated with a potential data breach, exposing businesses to severe financial penalties and reputational damage.

AdFixus Platform

Our platform was created to solve your challenges whilst prioritising privacy.

AdFixus Platform uses a patented first-party cookie technology that returns a total view of the audience back to brands and publishers alike. ​It works by leveraging first-party, server-side cookies to store information within the individual's browser. It is compatible with all major browsers.​

The Platform contains three solutions; AdFixus Consent, AdFixus Identify and AdFixus Match.

AdFixus Consent

Allows individuals to manage their consent across multiple websites, making it easy for them to understand, accept and revoke consent. The individual's choices are automatically enforced in real-time across the AdFixus Platform, meaning the choice to opt-out is instantly respected.

Individuals can easily grant or revoke consent across a single website or a group of websites.
Meet privacy requirements
Builds and retains an individual's trust in your business.

AdFixus Identify

Generates a privacy-focused, persistent first-party identifier - controlled by you, which is double-encrypted and works cross-domain. It allows you to understand unauthenticated individuals, serve them relevant content and create a unified view when those individuals authenticate.

Allows for activation on first-party data via programmatic channels (Deal IDs) or direct sell.
Is privacy-focused, not risking data assets or individuals' privacy.
By generating and using a consistent identifier, we enable accurate understanding of audience reach, whilst removing duplication.
Reduces costs by reducing data duplication and lowering related platform fees.

AdFixus Match

Allows you to match unauthenticated individuals with a 100% match rate, without the need to capture and share any Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Eliminates risks associated with the theft of PII.

100% match rate, 3x the industry average.​
All consumer data is 100% secure and anonymous.
Does not use Personal Identifiable Information (PII), removing the risk of a data breach.
Synchronises with leading CDPs to target audience segments.

What businesses say about us

AdFixus partners with some of the world's leading businesses. Here's what they have to say about us.

Stephen Kyefulumya
General Manager, Media Product & Technology at Carsales

"The AdFixus technology gives us back the visibility and understanding of our own traffic that had disappeared with the industry changes. For us, this significantly increases our ability to serve the right ad to the right person across our network as such also delivering a significant performance increase for our clients.”

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