enabling Publishers to work with Advertisers, delivering relevancy while meeting global privacy requirements

Current landscape

As a digital publisher, it is crucial to consider the changing landscape of online privacy and the impact it may have on your ability to reach and engage with your audience. With third-party cookies on the way out, it is essential to find alternative ways to track and analyse user data. We at AdFixus believe the solution to this is having a centralised hub for first-party data. 

It is vital to prioritise consumer privacy and ensure that any data collection and sharing practices are transparent and secure. By adapting to these changes and finding privacy-focused solutions, digital publishers can continue to provide relevant, personalised content whilst respecting their audience's right to privacy and control over their data.

Why publishers should partner with AdFixus: 

Future proof against industry changes

Google’s deprecation of the third-party cookie will eventually arrive.
Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention has had serious impacts.
The continual changes to Privacy Legislation across the globe are putting greater restrictions on data.
The risks of data breaches associated with PII Data has risen dramatically.

Revenue growth

Giving you the capability to understand the signals across all browsers and all your associated domains consistently.
Increasing audience segments – we have seen a 2x* increase in segments across mature brands.
Increasing addressable Ad Impressions – we have seen a 30x* increase in Addressable Ad Impressions for a premium publisher.
Enabling you to take audience segments to your advertisers, better utilising the true scale and diversity of your network.  
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