enabling Publishers to work with Advertisers, delivering relevancy while meeting global privacy requirements

Current landscape

As a digital publisher, it is crucial to consider the changing landscape of online privacy and the impact it may have on your ability to reach and engage with your audience. With Third-Party Cookies on the way out, it is essential to find alternative ways to retain your total audience as addressable. It is the addressable audience that will enable you to personalise the experience across your domains and also increase your ad yield to the benefit of your advertising partners.  

We at AdFixus believe the solution to this is our patented first-party cookie platform.  

A large number of publishers have expanded their offerings to target different user groups, segments or geographies. This has resulted in numerous businesses building out brands and thus domains to target these audiences more effectively. The problem with this approach is that due to the changes as mentioned above the management and joining of these audiences has become problematic – until now.  

Through the use of the AdFixus Platform identity solution publishers can now sync their anonymous users into a common and durable non-PII identifier. This first-party cookie that is decentralised and stored in the users’ browser empowers our customers to gain some unique benefits and proven results.  

AdFixus Match enables advertisers to connect their audiences directly with the publisher audiences. Our unique offline and real-time capabilities match IDs to connected segments without risking or sharing PII.  

Why publishers should partner with AdFixus: 

Future proof against industry changes

Google’s deprecation of Third-Party Cookies is underway and being rolled out across the globe and on track for full implementation in the second half of 2024. Yet, partial deprecation has already commenced.
Safari’s blocking of Third-Party Cookies and Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) has had serious impacts on existing vendors and custom build solutions, impeding identification.
The continual changes to Privacy Legislation across the globe are putting greater restrictions on data – especially on consent, storage and sharing.
The risks of data breaches associated with PII Data has risen dramatically and businesses are facing serious fines.

Revenue growth

100% addressable audience - Giving you the ability to reclaim the signals across all browsers and all your associated domains consistently.
100% deterministic – we deploy a unique double encrypted first-party cookie into a individual’s browser. We do not have any algorithmic matching or fuzzy logic to attempt to match an individual to signals seen elsewhere.
Increasing audience segments – through our solution and our ability to reclaim all of your addressable audience we will subsequently increase your segment sizes. In some markets with a large non-Chrome footprint, we have seen a 2x increase in segments.
Increasing campaign efficiencies – increasing data into your ad servers increases all campaign and super charges the optimisation models and algorithms.  
Increasing campaign effectiveness – larger segments equal larger targeting abilities. Our partners have increased campaign fulfillment rates from 60% to 95% - significantly reducing ‘make goods’.
Increase campaign operations – where clients have a single ad server deployment, they can also gain efficiencies across their network to enable frequency capping.
100% match rate – due to the patented double encryption and matching functionality we have built joint customers can confidently see a 100% match rate across their audiences. This is estimated to be 3x industry norms.  
Real Time Match – allows publishers and advertisers to have a real-time flow of audience IDs to qualify individuals in and out of segments to better optimise campaigns.  
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