enabling Advertisers to provide relevancy while protecting individuals and meeting privacy requirements

How AdFixus works for advertisers

As an advertiser, you can significantly improve the effectiveness and conversion rates of your campaigns by targeting your audience via premium deals or directly booking with the publisher of your choice. With AdFixus, these deals are deals that you can trust, as they are based on a first-party durable anonymous identifier, powered by AdFixus. Quite often, those segments are further improved by data from CDPs and other related platforms on the publisher side.

There is no need to rely on rely on third-party data providers and incur any additional fees. We have seen a significant increase in both conversion rates and delivery of campaigns when leveraging AdFixus powered segments.  

If a specific audience has visited your website, then, as an advertiser you can re-target them, or target away from them without a reliance on PII data and the risks of exposing data of individuals to third parties. This is enabled via AdFixus Match.

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