Information Privacy Policy Statement

AdFixus is committed to upholding the privacy rights of all individuals in accordance with the Australian Privacy Act and the Privacy Act Review Report published by the Attorney General in February 2023. We take this responsibility seriously and have implemented measures to ensure that we are fully compliant with each of the points outlined in the Report.  

Here is how we are compliant:

Collection: Our platform respects individual privacy and does not collect any personal data that can directly identify an individual, such as name, location, or email address. The only data we capture is the IP address, which we store in a secure hashed format, preventing it from being linked to an individual. We use a different hash key for each customer, and each customer can only access their own data. In addition, we encourage our customers to choose to run our platform in a fully decentralised mode, without any dependency on our backend servers, and using only client-side storage, completely eliminating any risk of a data breach.

Identifiers: Our system creates a unique ID for each browser and stores it locally (decentralised). The ID does not contain any personal or behavioural data that can identify a person. Moreover, the ID is encrypted three times (patented method) using advanced encryption algorithms, the same as those used for blockchain. The IDs are different for each website or group of websites owned by the same entity, and each entity has its own encryption keys while we use a separate key. This ensures that no one can track or monitor online activities across different entities, including us.

Use and Disclosure: Our customers are the owners of the identifiers created when individuals visit their websites. We respect their privacy and do not share any data with third parties. We only use data for system monitoring or as instructed by our customers. We help our customers to leverage identifiers through first-party data partnerships. This means that identifiers can be used only by the parties that have a direct relationship with the individual, and only when the individual has visited both websites and has given consent to the customer/website.

Data Quality: Our solution leverages only first-party HttpOnly attributes to create identifiers. This ensures that our information is correct, current, and complete.  

Data Security: Our solution creates and uses only an anonymous identifier, no personal data. These identifiers are useless to anyone other than the first party, the owner of the site that the individual visited. We protect them with the latest encryption methods, and we store them only in encrypted form. We use three-layer encryption, and we keep the keys in separate places to avoid loss or unauthorized access, change, or sharing.  

Openness: Our privacy policy, available on our website, explains how we handle information without storing or processing any personally identifiable data. We have designed our platform with individual privacy as the priority.  

Access and Correction: We do not collect any data that can identify an individual. Instead, we use a unique encrypted browser identifier that is stored on the individual's computer. The individual has full control over the identifier, and they can delete it anytime they want. This is achieved by removing all browser data for both the intended domain(s) and

Transborder data flows: We do not store or collect any personally identifiable information, and we make reasonable efforts to ensure any anonymous data we collect is stored within the country/region of origin.

We believe that our commitment to complying with the Australian Privacy Act and the Review Report not only reflects our respect for the privacy rights of individuals but also helps to build trust and confidence in our business practices.  

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy practices, feel free to contact us by emailing

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