About Us

evolving digital identity to bring balance between privacy and relevancy, whilst giving individuals control over their data

Our story

At AdFixus, we believe that everyone has the right to privacy and control over their personal data. Individuals should be able to trust companies to handle their data responsibly and prioritise their privacy.   We also believe that everyone has the right to receive customised, relevant content.

Improving relevancy enhances the overall experience for the individual, personalising their online journey to better meet their needs, while allowing advertisers to target those that would more likely benefit from their products and services.  We are committed to helping our partners achieve harmony between privacy and relevancy, by offering an industry-leading set of applications and services that enable them to see, analyse, and activate their networks while safeguarding and respecting their customers' privacy.

Our vision is to continue to build on these solutions, develop new ones, and bring them to market to solve genuine business challenges, always with a focus on evolving digital identity in a privacy-focused world. We believe that technology and privacy can work hand-in-hand to provide individuals with better experiences through relevancy and give businesses the tools they need to succeed in the digital age.

About us

AdFixus is a privately owned technology company with offices in Sydney and Singapore. We have been in operation since 2014 and we were incorporated in 2020. At AdFixus, we specialise in delivering high-quality technology solutions for the online industry. We take pride in offering innovative, privacy-centric solutions that empower businesses to make the most of their data while building trust with their customers.

We pride ourselves on being a member of The International Association of Privacy Professionals - we take the privacy of individuals seriously.

AdFixus is a member of the following associations - Microsoft Partner | Microsoft for Startups | AWS Activate | Adobe

Our intellectual property

AdFixus specialises in delivering high-quality technology solutions for the online industry. We take pride in offering innovative, privacy-centric solutions that empower businesses to make the most of their data whilst building trust with their customers. Through this innovation, our technology has been granted a US patent, with similar patents pending in 10 other countries.

Our patent-protected technology is built with the sole purpose of protecting the privacy and digital footprint of individuals.

The Leadership Team

Marko Markovic


Prior to AdFixus, Marko spent over 15 years in managing technology, people, and operations for both start-up and global tech companies.

Rob Schmitt


Prior to this, Rob had over a decade of experience leading and scaling technology businesses, by defining strategy, cascading objectives and driving sales.

Roland Irwin


Prior to this, Roland had 20 years leading enterprise sales across enterprise accounts for leading global vendors, always with a customer centric and consultative approach.

Our Board

Ivan Vatchkov


Ivan is the CEO of Kalibra.ai and a private investor, with over a decade of prior experience in managing portfolios for multi-billion-dollar hedge funds.

Milena Nikolova

Advisor (VC & Acquisitions)

Milena has 20 years of finance experience across investment banking, wealth management and venture capital investing.

Derek Chan

CPA, Finance & Strategy

Derek has over 20 years of experience in investment banking, family offices and early-stage investing. He was an ED at Morgan Stanley and CFO of a Family Office.

Harvey Migotti

Strategy & Market Development

Harvey has over 15 years of investment analyst and portfolio management experience covering various sectors across EU and the US.

Our Values

At AdFixus we see work as a team sport, we love to play, we play to win, we make friends, we wow the fans and we saviour those winning moments... This experience is at the heart of who we are! And you don't need to be an athlete or even a sport enthusiast to play - all you need is a commitment to be your best self - we, the AdFixus team, will be there to help you succeed!

Play as a team

Team-up to take on challenges, play to win and have fun doing it, knowing that others are there for you. Embrace diversity, take risks, and create a safe place to play.

Own your position

Be an expert, develop your skills, master your position, and then continue learning. Others can trust you to do your best, always adding value to the team.

Get it done

Stay focused and achieve your goals, whilst maintaining a healthy balance between work and play. Be resilient and resourceful, and share in our positive ‘can-do’ attitude.

Wow the fans

Go above and beyond for our customers and partners, and wow them by delivering that little bit more! Ensure they get the value we promised, helping them recommend us to others.

Celebrate our wins

Enjoy each other's company, make friends and live the dream. Never let good work go unrecognised. Praise and support each other, and when the team wins - the team celebrates!

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