Sustainability Policy

reducing emission, while fostering a privacy-first internet

At AdFixus, we are committed to environmental sustainability and the promotion of a privacy-first internet. We recognise our responsibility to reduce emissions and minimise our environmental impact, particularly in the context of digital programmatic advertising and work-related activities.

This policy outlines our strategies and commitments to achieve these goals while ensuring the privacy of our customers and stakeholders. 


Efficiency in Ad Serving:
MediaMath has estimated digital advertising will contribute 3.5% of global emissions for 2023. We see this as the area where we can have the biggest impact. To help reduce emissions we will continuously innovate and optimise our solutions, enabling publishes and advertisers to move away from digital advertising processes that are energy intensive and inefficient. 

Targeted Advertising: More specifically, we will strive to deliver solutions that allow publishers and advertisers to deliver more precise, data-driven advertising to reduce unnecessary ad impressions, which can lead to more energy-efficient ad campaigns, with improved conversion. 

Data Centers and Hosting: Wherever possible, we will partner with eco-friendly data centers and hosting providers that use renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies. 


Remote Work Support:
We will promote remote work opportunities within our organisation to reduce the need for commuting. This initiative will not only reduce emissions but also enhance the work-life balance of our employees. 

Digital Tools:
We will provide the necessary digital tools and infrastructure to support remote work efficiently and securely. 

Flexible Work Arrangements:
We will encourage flexible work arrangements that allow employees to balance office and remote work based on their preferences and job requirements. 

Virtual Meetings:
We will prioritise the use of virtual meetings, webinars, and video conferencing to replace in-person meetings and business travel, reducing our carbon footprint. 

Local Travel:
When travel is essential, we will encourage employees to choose eco-friendly transportation options, such as public-transport, carpooling, and electric vehicles. 


Stakeholder Engagement:
We will engage with suppliers, partners, and customers to encourage similar sustainability initiatives.


Emission Tracking:
We will regularly monitor our energy consumption related to platform operations, employee travel, and our offices. 

Progress Assessment:
We will gather baseline information over the coming months, with the aim of setting quantifiable emission reduction targets by 2024, then regularly assess our progress, and take corrective actions to achieve our sustainability goals. 


Employee Training:
We will provide sustainability and privacy training to employees, ensuring they understand the importance of these policies and their role in achieving our goals. 

AdFixus is committed to operating responsibly and in a manner that respects the environment. By implementing the strategies outlined in this policy, we aim to reduce emissions, promote remote work and minimise unnecessary travel, while fostering a privacy-first internet.  We invite all stakeholders to join us in this journey towards a sustainable and privacy-conscious future.

This policy will be reviewed and updated periodically to reflect evolving technologies and practices. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us by emailing

Last updated on 19 October 2023

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