AdFixus Platform

your solution in a privacy-focused world

Our platform was created to solve your challenges whilst prioritising privacy.

AdFixus Platform uses a patented first-party cookie technology that returns a total view of the audience back to brands and publishers alike. ​It works by leveraging first-party, server-side cookies to store information within the individual's browser. It works across all major browsers.​

reach individuals using first-party, server-side cookies
track unauthenticated individuals across your domains
match individuals with an audience segment
ensure that you meet evolving privacy requirements
technology patented in USA

AdFixus Consent

Is a consent management solution, where an individual's consent is easy to understand, revoke, and is centrally managed across one or multiple websites. The individual's choices are automatically enforced in real-time across AdFixus Match, meaning the choice to opt-out is instantly respected.

Individuals can easily grant or revoke consent across a single website or a group of websites.
Builds and retains an individual's trust in your business.

AdFixus Identify

Generates a privacy-focused, persistent first-party identifier - controlled by you, which is double-encrypted and works cross-domain. It allows you to understand unauthenticated individuals, serve them relevant content and create a unified view when those individuals authenticate.

Allows for activation on first-party data via programmatic channels (Deal IDs) or direct sell.
Is privacy-focused, no risking data assets or individuals' privacy.
By generating and using a consistent identifier, we enable accurate understanding of audience reach, whilst removing duplication.
Reduces costs by reducing data duplication and lowering related platform fees.

AdFixus Match

Allows you to match unauthenticated individuals with a 100% match rate, without the need to capture and share any Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Eliminates risks associated with the theft of PII.

100% match rate, 3x the industry average.​
All consumer data is 100% secure and anonymous.
Does not use Personal Identifiable Information (PII), removing the risk of a data breach.
Synchronise with leading CDPs to target audience segments.

Common use cases

See how AdFixus Platform can help. Our technology addresses issues such as third-party cookie restrictions, anonymous consumer synchronisation, data breach risks, and audience reach.

“I need clarity on my marketing campaigns”

With the restrictions on third-party cookies implemented by leading browsers (e.g. Safari & Firefox), brands have lost sight of what is and is not working. Businesses are commonly seeing ~49% of their site traffic from Safari & Firefox and this traffic data is not appearing in marketing reports. Though most domains are bloated with tagging solutions to try and track and report on these campaigns, they are typically implemented using third-party cookies making reports incomplete and ineffective.

AdFixus Platform is patented technology that deploys a persistent first-party cookie that is not restricted by browsers and allows our partners to track, analyse and activate all of their traffic. This is particularly important for measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, optimising campaigns, attribution modelling and media mix modelling initiatives.

“I need to manage, analyse and personalise customer experiences across multiple domains”

Historically, this has not been possible. Traditionally, analytics solutions deploy and continue to deploy new first-party cookies every time a consumer lands on a new domain. There has not been a way to synchronise these cookies together – until now. AdFixus’ patented technology deploys a persistent first-party cookie that synchronises anonymous consumers into a single identity. See how the AdFixus Platform technology works.

"I need to reduce the risk of data breaches”

Security threats are increasing each day. AdFixus’ double encryption methodology helps combat this, by only storing and using anonymous identifiers. Using anonymous identifiers and private keys to activate audiences or match data with partners, significantly decreases data security and privacy risks.

“I need to understand my anonymous users”

This was previously undertaken via third-party cookies. As browsers have restricted third-party cookies, brands have lost sight of this traffic and our partners have seen ~49% of traffic, losing their visibility.

AdFixus’ patented technology deploys a persistent first-party cookie that is not restricted by browsers, allowing our partners to track, analyse and activate all of their traffic.

“I need to connect anonymous users to my known / authenticated users”

Leading brands have been investing into Customer Data Platforms (CDP). The CDP allows them to bring together disparate data to provide a deeper customer profile that can be used to identify purchasing patterns, call out potential advocates and supercharge loyalty programs.  
The reliance on authentication and barriers limiting targeting across owned domains, has a severely limited reach. Businesses are continuing to see low authentication rates when compared to total traffic, and the dependence on authentication, leaves them with an incomplete and inaccurate view of traffic across their domains.

By combining AdFixus Platform with leading CDPs, businesses have been able to extend their reach, increasing audience uplift into their ad management solutions, for example Carsales saw a 300% uplift in total addressable ad impressions. Read the Carsales case study under News.

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