Deployment: WordPress and AdFixus

AdFixus offers an easy deloyment solution for WordPress via plugin.

Deployment: WordPress and AdFixus

WordPress is the worlds most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) that allows users to host and build websites. It allows individuals without any coding experience to easily build, customise and launch websites with minimal technical assistance. WordPress runs on a plugin architecture and template system powered by its large marketplace. Some WordPress customers will choose to also incorporate additional CDN functionality into their Web infrastructure using technologies like Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare or Azure Front Door. AdFixus supports a deployment methodology for these scenarios.

AdFixus Privacy Cloud is built on a privacy-first principle. It operates in the first-party context and as such requires appropriate infrastructure configuration. There are also scenarios where a WordPress instance is using a plugin based CDN or CDN-like functionality. To support this, we have developed a WordPress plugin that is simple and straightforward to configure and deploy within your environment.


We assume that you are running a WordPress instance without any external CDN functionality managing cloud distributions or serving content across your domain(s).

Due to the confidential nature of our services we are unable to publish the exact implementation guide at this time.

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