Integration: Ketch and AdFixus

Learn how to integrate AdFixus Identity Platform with Ketch

Ketch enables businesses and platforms to build trust with consumers and drive growth through data. Legacy consent tools are just consent capture platforms. Ketch delivers a set of applications, infrastructure, and APIs to ensure privacy choices are collected and reflected across your internal and vendor systems.

Ketch consent and preference management is flexible and adaptable to rapidly evolving privacy and AI regulations, with always-on, responsive connectivity across every consumer touchpoint and system.

Integration Overview

The integration of AdFixus with Ketch allows organisations to ensure that AdFixus is run in alignment with their website data privacy policies. The integration enables the AdFixus Identity Platform to only run on a site when a user has provided appropriate consent.

Supported integrations:

  1. Ketch Smart Tag -> The AdFixus identity is only executed when a user has granted consent.



1. Ketch Smart Tag - enabled and implemented on your organisations web properties / domains.


1. AdFixus platform - implemented on your organisations web properties / domains

2. AdFixus active organisation license key

How it works

Due to the confidential nature of your services we are unable to publish the exact implementation guide at this time.

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