AdFixus presents at humAIn conference - Australia's only annual AI conference for media

June 6, 2024

The humAIn conference, held annually in Sydney, is a cutting-edge event that focuses on the intersection of AI, media, marketing, and the creative industries. Here are the main points from the most recent conference, which took place on May 28, 2024. humAIn is Australia's only annual AI conference for media, marketing, and the creative industries, brought to you by Unmade.

The conference brought together some of the brightest minds and thought leaders from various industries, fostering rich exchanges and collaborative opportunities. From engaging panel discussions to enlightening keynote speeches, every session contributed to the collective understanding and exploration of the profound impacts of AI on our society.

Our CEO Marko Markovic presented on stage as part of a panel with carsales leaders.

AI is about the models, but the models learn from quality and qantity of data

“You’re raised two very good points here, quality vs quantity. They are equally important and cannot go one without another, with the exception that the quality is more important. I believe it is important to provide you with a real-world example of this. I worked at Microsoft Bing 13 years ago, training models for whole page relevance. We were facing the same challenge of not having enough data, and data that we had was of a low quality. Quite often my friends come to me asking me can we work together to train ML/AI on e.g. high frequency trading and make some money.

I always give them the same example. Imagine you have a 5-year-old kids that’s the smartest kid in school but is yet to learn a lot? Now imagine you need to teach that kid math skills and you give him a book where are results in the book are saying 4+4=10, but you never checked the quality of content in that book. What do you think will happen when he goes to exam? Will he fail? He surely will. You then say to yourself, maybe I need to make him work harder, so you give him a bigger book with more pages, but the quality of the data is the same.

It is the same with the AI, what you put in it, is what you get back. What we have done at AdFixus is that we have provided 100% accurate date to Carsales, deterministic, not probabilistic. This made all their models extremely accurate.”

How this experience has been from the client POV, what was surprising, what worked, what didn't, and most importantly the results in terms of conversions /ROI

“Teamwork makes all the difference, and this is what worked well. We made many mistakes along the way. Whenever Marcus came to me/us and said something is not working we would invest all our energy into finding a mistake and improving. If we were unable to find an error on our end, we would go back to him, and he would do the same. You need to be ready for this when working with AI/ML. Because of this approach we were able to move from sending data only once per day, to doing all of this in a real-time, instantly, which made all of this even more successful and accurate.”

The humAIn conference convered:

1. Real-World Applications of AI: The conference explored real-world applications of AI and machine learning-powered innovation within the media and marketing industry. Attendees learned about successful AI implementations and their implications for the industry.

2. Insightful Discussions and Innovations: The event was brimming with insightful discussions, innovative ideas, and groundbreaking advancements in the field of artificial intelligence and human augmentation.

3. Diverse Range of Expert Speakers: The conference featured expert speakers from various industries, fostering rich exchanges and collaborative opportunities. Marketing leaders, advertising agency heads, senior creatives, and strategists attended to explore the forefront of AI and innovation.

4. AI Integration in Marketing: Topics included AI integration in marketing, trust, brand safety, and AI-optimized customer experiences. Industry trailblazers shared case studies on how to harness AI for tangible benefits.

5. AI Upfronts: Delegates witnessed live demonstrations of cutting-edge AI-powered marketing tools and solutions during the AI Upfronts sessions.

6. Pushing Boundaries and Shaping the Future: The conference aimed to push boundaries, explore new frontiers, and facilitate meaningful connections that drive positive change in the AI landscape.

(1) humAIn | The cutting edge of media and marketing | Sydney.

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