Privacy-first CDP activation across authenticated and unauthenticated users

January 19, 2024

Carsales wished to move beyond simple CDP / 1PD data management. With increased regulations and growing device/browser limitations; a need to flexibly activate and control data compliantly across existing and future ecosystems was required.


  • Using an AdFixus ID, Civic Data and Carsales ensured the individual’s digital identity is stored in a first-party context, with their consent, on their own device.  
  • This is protected from exposure risks through the utilisation of advanced encryption algorithms (the same as those used in blockchain).  
  • Data exchange occurs in a first-party, controllable environment, and enables activation through regular programmatic channels as well as direct sales channels.  
  • Providing a foundation upon which collaborative data partnerships can be built.


Carsales created a 1PD segmentation and Identity strategy that utilises advanced encryption algorithms to protect individuals, the Carsales business and their partners from data exposure risks.


CDPs themselves are not an ID generation and management solution (some CDPs can manage IDs to varying extents, but they are not fit for purpose, truly-owned, and privacy-preserving to drive sustained long-term value). CDPs will only build a cohesive view of individuals by stitching to an owned first-party Identity solution. The better CDPs will dynamically reconcile identity-based on multiple fragments in real-time. As we move forward in the near future, into a world where Clean Rooms and Data Partnerships are required, 1PD identity management becomes vital. 

Removing PII risks associated with forced authentication     

Today, most browsing on the internet is unauthenticated, with relevancy being driven through the use of cookies. Diminishing support for third-party cookies is making it challenging to provide relevant content to unauthenticated individuals. This is forcing businesses to drive individuals to log-in and provide their Personal Identifiable Information (PII) for marketing purposes.

Increasing the number of logged-in users is just one strategy. This will never be all-encompassing for the vast majority of online businesses.  

There will also always be limitations on the utilisation of PII data for marketing purposes like retargeting, matching and activation.

Recent developments related to decentralised technologies, increased privacy regulation and tightened privacy protection at a device and browser level illustrates a future where Internet users remain to be largely anonymous.  

The future for a privacy-preserving, internet economy, suggests the necessity for robust control of the varying forms of PII data (0PD, 1PD, 2PD, 3PD, etc.). At the same time, organisations must maintain their relationship with an anonymous individual in a compliant manner to deliver relevant experiences and power future-proofed revenue models.  

The above approach, using Adfixus' encrypted first-party identity solution as part of the ecosystem, allowed Civic Data to provide Carsales with a methodology that connects all their brands together, even across separate domains, through a single identity. It enabled them to maintain a relationship with the individual, regain reach and frequency visibility across domains, whilst ensuring that they secure their first-party data and individuals’ trust at all times.  

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Civic Data are an Australian-based consultancy that specialise in data privacy and consent preparedness and management. Civic Data assists businesses to collect, organise, analyse and activate data for privacy-first marketing and communications initiatives, in-line with current and future privacy principles.

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