The Identity Partner List

April 11, 2024

The Identity Partner List 5.5

The Identity Partner List 5.5 from Prohaska Consulting is a valuable resource for brands navigating the evolving landscape of identity and targeting in a post-cookie world. As third-party cookies become obsolete, CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) face the challenge of meeting new compliance requirements while still achieving results and revenue. Here are the key points about the Identity Partner List 5.5:


The list categorizes leading regional and global solutions providers across three critical categories: Deterministic, Probabilistic, and Contextual

Why It Matters:

  • Identity-Based Solutions: Brands now need to invest in identity-based solutions to maintain effective targeting.
  • Combining Data Sources: The best targeting goals are achieved by combining proprietary data with deterministic and probabilistic options. No single partner scales to 100%, so multiple partners are essential.
  • Enriching with Contextual Solutions: Contextual data enhances targeting precision.


  • Global Deterministic & Probabilistic: These solutions have a presence in all four regions (APAC, Americas, EMEA, and LATAM).
  • APAC Deterministic & Probabilistic: Regional solutions for the Asia-Pacific market.
  • Contextual Solutions: Enhance targeting by considering context.

This is the first time that AdFixus has appeared on this list and we are proud to be recognised for the work and effort that we have put in to date. As we build out our footprint we hope to be on the global side of the chart next year.

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