Evolving digital identity

in a privacy-focused world. AdFixus is always anonymous, accurate and in your control.

Why AdFixus?

AdFixus offers privacy-centric identity and matching solutions, that align with the world’s most rigorous privacy regulations and effectively address the decline of third-party cookies.

Utilising our patented identification method (Anonymous Federated Identity), AdFixus facilitates seamless customer connections without the use of personal information, empowering businesses and publishers to reach their entire audience, grow segments, track activity and deliver personalised experiences across their properties, while protecting consumer privacy and meeting regulatory requirements.

Third-party cookies are becoming obsolete
The data source that the industry has been trading on is being disabled due to misuse, which eroded individuals’ privacy and consent of their data. This broad industry shift has resulted in businesses facing a multitude of challenges, including significant changes in the privacy regulation landscape, which has impacted their ability to understand their audiences, reach new audiences and accurately track conversions.

Many businesses have turned to Identity Solution Providers to replace third-party cookies, but these solutions often fail to reach the entire audience, employ probabilistic methods that compromise privacy (e.g. fingerprinting) and rely on Personally Identifiable Information (PII), increasing the risk to individuals’privacy.

How is AdFixus different
At AdFixus, we prioritise privacy and offer a solution that empowers businesses to own the data themselves and to utilise data whilst meeting privacy requirements and giving consent control back to individuals.

For publishers and advertisers, our identity solution (AdFixus Identify) re-establishes connections with your full addressable audience, assigning one identity per visitor across all properties. This is further complimented and enable via our match solution (AdFixus Match), which creates and share segments, allowing you to trigger real-time events to enhance campaign focus, effectiveness, and ensure precise measurement of attribution - all underpinned by industry-leading match rates.

Our solutions are foundered on our patented identity solution – Anonymous Federated Identity, a deterministic solution, that conforms to industry standards for authentication, yet requires no personal information.

We pride ourselves on protecting individuals’ privacy and right to relevancy – our solutions are anonymous, accurate and able to be revoked.

Challenges we see

I can't track unauthenticated individuals across my domains

As businesses move away from third-party cookies, they have not been able to track usage across their multiple domains without compromising privacy by using probabilistic methods (like fingerprinting).

I can't reach my customers without using third-party cookies

As browsershave restricted third-party cookies, brands have lost sight of their traffic, this can be as high as ~49% of their total traffic. As Chrome starts to filter out third-party cookies throughout 2024 this will continue to accelerate the problem.

I can't reliably match individuals with segments, the match rate is poor

To increase marketing effectiveness, some brands have entered data-sharing arrangements, leveraging data clean rooms.  Whilst promising, they faced challenges with low match rates and probabilistic programmatic matching that have dramatically eroded the potential return on investment.

I can't match without leveraging personal information, increasing risk and overheads

Data sharing, and matching technologies (e.g. data clean rooms) utilise hashing of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The use of PII increases the risk associated with a potential data breach, exposing businesses to severe financial penalties and reputational damage.

AdFixus Platform

Our platform was created to solve your challenges whilst prioritising privacy.

AdFixus Platform uses a patented technology (Anonymous Federate Identity) to return a total view of the audience back to brands and publishers alike. ​It works by leveraging first-party, server-side cookies to store information within the individual's browser, in a supported and privacy compliant manner.

The AdFixus Platform contains two core components; AdFixus Identify and AdFixus Match.

AdFixus Identify

Generates a privacy-focused, persistent first-party identifier controlled by you, which is double-encrypted and synchronised across all your domains. It creates a single identity for both your authenticated and anonymous audience, allowing you to understand individuals, and serve them relevant personalised content.

Privacy compliance: Generates a unique identifier on consent that can be revoked.
Extended cookie windows: Generates a durable / persistent first-party cookie.
Single identity across domains: Ensures single view of customer across the enterprise.
Single view of customer: Allows for end-to-end journey analysis acrossthe enterprise.
Lowers Cost: Removes duplication, lowers related platform fees and delivers savings fast.
Privacy-focused: Reduces risk of data exposure, protecting brand and consumer privacy.
Near zero latency: Identifiers are generated in milliseconds, with all processing done in memory.
Improved Attribution: Creates a common durable denominator across your enterprise.
Activation: Match and activate directly with premium publishers, achieving industry leading match rates.

AdFixus Match

Allows you to match unauthenticated individuals with a 100% match rate, without the need to capture and share any Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Eliminates risks associated with the theft of PII.

Industry Leading Match Rate: Achieves a 100% match rate, surpassing the industry average by 3 times.
PII Exclusion: Eliminates the use of Personal Identifiable Information (PII), mitigating the risk of a data breach.
Real-time Events: Stream real-time connections, allowing you to receive real-time events from partners, enabling you to capture attribution and update segments on the fly.
Segment Management: Upload, maintain, share, and match audience segments with ease.
Simple to Use Match Room: The AdFixus match room is SaaS based, it is intuitive and simple to use, and administer.
Integration: Synchronises with leading Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) to facilitate audience segmentation and attribution reporting.
Non-Click Attribution: Report and synchronise click as well as non-click audiences.

What businesses say about us

AdFixus partners with some of the world's leading businesses. Here's what they have to say about us.

Stephen Kyefulumya
General Manager, Media Product & Technology at Carsales

"The AdFixus technology gives us back the visibility and understanding of our own traffic that had disappeared with the industry changes. For us, this significantly increases our ability to serve the right ad to the right person across our network as such also delivering a significant performance increase for our clients.”

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