Automotive Industry 

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving, customers preferences and buyer behaviour has significantly changed. New entrants offer different buying processes and customer are well informed and know what they want. What is consistent is the customers desire for a personalised, frictionless, trusted relationship when buying a major purchase like an automotive.

Traditional players in the buying process – OBM (manufacturers), publishers for awareness, dealers (point of purchase) and maintenance – has been fragmented and a challenge to synchronise and attribute the value of the sale.  

Digital technologies have transformed the way customers research, purchase, and interact with automotive brands. Meeting customer expectations for seamless online experiences, personalized services, and digital interactions throughout the ownership lifecycle is a continuous challenge.

This has resulted in an increase focus on first-party data collection and using this to power personalisation, optimise marketing and attribute the sale.  

How AdFixus Benefits the Automotive Industry 

AdFixus Identity is the backbone of your identity spine. Our durable first-party ID is owned by your business and will enable you to make your audiences addressable – fuelling your first-party data initiatives that drive your personalisation, customer journey and media optimisation programmes.  

Cross-domain attribution

  • Understand your users end to end even across domains. Many automative enterprises will be made up of multiple businesses (car dealerships / brands) and each having their own domain ( and then also have a second domain ( - currently your analytics team cannot track your anonymous customers as they move across these different areas of your same company.

Personalisation across the customer life cycle 

  • Extend cookie windows for longer purchase decisions, optimizing personalization throughout the entire customer life cycle, including purchase funnels. 
  • Personalize experiences across the entire enterprise, ensuring a tailored approach to engage customers. 

New vs Returning users

  • We constantly see partners having incorrect data because of browsers re-seeding cookies every 7 days. Read our post on our findings and its implications – New vs Returning users

AdFixus Match: Targeting Without PII Risks 

AdFixus empowers advertisers to retarget specific audiences without relying on personally identifiable information (PII) data. Whether re-targeting visitors to your website or adjusting targeting preferences, AdFixus Match eliminates the risks associated with exposing personal information to third parties. 

Future-Proofing Against Industry Changes 

  • Navigate Google's ongoing deprecation of Third-Party Cookies, with full implementation expected in the second half of 2024. AdFixus remains ahead of the curve, mitigating the impact on publishers and advertisers. 
  • Overcome challenges posed by Safari's Third-Party Cookies blocking and Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), ensuring continued identification capabilities. 
  • Stay compliant with evolving global Privacy Legislation, addressing restrictions on data, consent, storage, and sharing. 

Mitigating Data Breach Risks 

In an era of heightened data breach risks, AdFixus provides a secure advertising environment, reducing the likelihood of PII data breaches and associated fines. 

Maximise media optimisation with AdFixus: 

  • Leverage audience retargeting capabilities, connecting directly with publishers to target desired segments, audiences, and individuals. 
  • Target both known and unknown users without browser or PII restrictions, utilizing the largest pool of users on your sites. 
  • Reduce wastage by enabling real-time suppression of customers who have completed desired outcomes, optimizing campaign efficiency. 
  • Achieve a 100% match rate through patented double encryption and matching functionality, surpassing industry norms. 
  • Real-time match functionality enables advertisers and publishers to optimize campaigns by qualifying individuals in and out of segments in real time. 

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In the ever-evolving automotive space, AdFixus stands as a reliable partner, offering innovative solutions to meet the unique challenges and opportunities in the industry. 

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