Carsales partners with Adfixus’ first-party ID technology to increase conversion rates, while future-proofing against changes to privacy regulations

January 23, 2024

Carsales mediahouse has developed a system to combine audience behaviour data from their own platform and the advertiser's website without relying on third-party cookies. They use a cleanroom to ensure consistency of the first-party identifier in both environments, which allows for privacy-compliant data usage. AdFixus was chosen to provide the technology for this solution, which enables a holistic view of audience behaviour across all devices and browsers and powers an AI model for real-time campaign optimisation. The solution was chosen to be flexible enough to adapt to changes in consent regimes.  

In a recent article on Mi-3, from 18 April 2023, ‘Digital attribution is a mess: Here’s how an auto brand improved conversion rates by 41% using first party identity- with an eye on ‘future-proofing’ for incoming future privacy changes’, Davor Vilusic, carsales Executive General Manager- Media, walked through how carsales mediahouse have utilised AdFixus first-party identifiers and their cleanroom. The publisher has seen significantly improved conversion rates with this solution.

In summary:

  • Carsales mediahouse chose AdFixus to solve technology challenges brought about by a need to move away from third-party cookies and to ‘future-proof’ in the face of growing privacy and consent rules.  
  • The publisher, carsales mediahouse, has a large audience that has been increasingly ‘in the dark’ with many on Safari and iOS devices where third-party cookies have been deprecated.
  • AdFixus was selected to overcome the challenges with their first-party identifiers and unique cleanroom – AdFixus Audience Match solution.
  • Systems were created by carsales mediahouse to ‘unify’ audiences’ behaviour, providing a first-party to first-party link between the carsales environment and the advertiser's brand site – all done without reliance on third-party cookies. The AdFixus cleanroom forms the link between the publisher and the advertiser, allowing for consistent, privacy-led management of combined data; data that is used only for the specific purpose of the campaign.
  • Utilising the AdFixus first-party ID solution, carsales mediahouse has seen an improved conversion rates of 41% for one advertiser (advertisers’ post click and post view data).

Quotes from Davor Vilusic from the article:

  • “We’ve designed this approach to balance the performance requirements of our clients with the incoming changes to privacy laws and customer consent rules.” Vilusic added, “This will become the new normal.”  
  • “the continual discontinuation of third-party cookies has made it challenging for marketers to build direct relationships with customers and meet growing customer and regulatory demands around experiences, interactions, privacy, and consent.”
  • “This is because data that informs decisions tends to favour advertising performance across browsers that have a ‘friendly relationship’ with the third-party cookie"

At AdFixus, we believe in putting individuals first. That’s why we designed AdFixus Platform to create digital identities that are owned, stored and under the full control of the related individual. We also leverage advanced encryption algorithms, as per blockchain, to ensure that the data of individuals is secure.  With our consent management solution, Adfixus Consent, consent is fully owned and under the control of the individual, making it easy to grant or revoke consent across a single website or a group of websites.

Our solution also allows for activation on first-party data via programmatic channels (Deal IDs) or direct sell, without risking data assets or consumer privacy. By generating and using a consistent identifier, we enable accurate understanding of audience reach, whilst removing duplication and reducing the costs of other platforms such as CDPs and analytical systems.

At AdFixus, we're committed to offering a comprehensive, privacy-centric solution that empowers businesses to make the most of their data without compromising on individuals' trust.

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