Progression towards consent-driven audiences delivers not just goodbusiness but clear operational benefits.

January 10, 2024



Sydney, 12th Dec, 2023 — AdFixus, a leading privacy focused digital identity platform, is proud to announce the successful implementationof its latest release of its first-party identity solution. This release marks a significant achievement for our partners, highlighting the company'scommitment to prepare businesses to meet the world’s most stringent privacy requirements, whilst optimising data collection processes and eliminating the creation of IDs based on unwanted traffic.

Specifically, the new release of the AdFixus identity solution was recently implemented across carsales’ websites, and the early results have been exceptional. The primary objective of this upgrade was to prepare for expected changes to cookie consent requirements and streamline data collection procedures. A noticeable reduction of IDs created from unwanted traffic well surpassed expectations - key findings from this upgrade include:

1. Improved data collection:

The previous release of the AdFixus Platform yielded outstanding results and provided carsales with a persistent ID across allbrowsers and domains. This upgrade has further resulted in a 20% reduction inthe number of false audience identities being created - leading to cost savings in downstream systems.

2. Effective unwanted traffic detection:

Sophisticated elements generate unwanted traffic which present challenges to companies like carsales that hold unique and valuable content – over the years, carsales has implemented effective systems across its platforms to detect this. The AdFixus Platform release further enhanced these systems by significantly reducing the creation of IDs in browsers associated to unwanted traffic, thereby lowering the number of spurious identities being consumed downstream.

3. Streamlined monitoring and maintenance:

The latest release also removes the need for additional scripts in front of the website, simplifying monitoring and maintenance processes for both carsales and its clients.

4. Preparation for privacy-first data collection:

Identity generation now occurs after the consumer has closed down a cookie banner. This is a step towards future proofing data collection against the evolving privacy legislation when the trigger action may instead involve active consent.

“The further identification of sophisticated unwanted traffic and blocking it from flowing downstream into our Martech stack was a welcome addition,” said Stephen Kyefulumya, carsales General Manager, Media – Product& Technology.

“What we saw using the AdFixus platform and our cookie formis that traffic from a number of sources generated a large volume of IDs. This latest release of the AdFixus Platform reduced the number of unwanted (ghost) profiles by an additional 20% - greatly enhancing the quality of carsales’ audiences,” continued Kyefulumya.

“AdFixus is committed to providing an exceptional online experience for its partners, and the latest release is a testament to that commitment.” said Marko Markovic, CEO at AdFixus. “By mitigating unwanted traffic,and optimizing data collection, our platform continues to lead the way in providing a true view of your audiences and enabling our partners to activate this data via their existing data ecosystems.”

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About Carsales:

CAR Group Ltd (ASX:CAR) is the largest online automotive, motorcycle and marine classifieds business in Australia. Attracting more Australians interested in buying or selling cars, motorcycles, trucks, caravans and boats than any other classified group of websites. Together with its subsidiaries employing more than 700 people in Australia, CAR Group Ltd develops world leading technology and advertising solutions that drive its business around the world. The CAR Group network has operations across the Asia Pacific region and has interests inleading classified businesses in Brazil, the United States, South Korea, and Chile. Find out more at


About AdFixus

AdFixus is aprivately held company, that excels in balancing relevancy with privacy. It offers a deterministic identity solution that works across domains, removing duplication and eliminating reliance on third-party cookies and probabilistic identifiers. With a focus on high-value segments, AdFixus ensures privacy through clean room data matching and real-time event-based attribution. Compliant with stringent privacy standards, AdFixus safeguards both consumers and businesses alike and helps ensure compliance with global privacy requirements. For more information, visit  


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